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Walltastic Fireman Sam Childrens Wall Mural

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Walltastic Fireman Sam Childrens Wall Mural

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The Walltastic Fireman Sam Wall Mural will give your child a room full of their favourite characters. It's Fireman Sam to the rescue once again in this fantastic action scene depicting Sam and his team scrambling to get to an emergency 999 call! Your child will love the bright colour and action in the scene.

Imagine your child's face when you surprise them with this nursery favourite. Your child's environment will be filled with bright, engaging colour promoting a feel good factor and a reassurance that comes from friendly and memorable characters.

With bright primary colours throughout and loaded full of contrasting strong tones this wall mural will really give depth and character to your child's room.

Walltastic wall murals are easy to put up in 12 simple steps. Wallpaper has never looked so good. How have kids lasted so long without Walltastic? It really is wallpaper with life!

With this Fireman Sam Wall Mural you will create a bedroom for your children that is fun, impressive and which will enhance their bedroom, nursery or playroom. With our easy to put up wall mural decoration from Walltastic which are imaginative and great to look at as an attractive wall feature. Each theme are of the highest quality and make a stunning, eye catching feature to any room with 12 easy steps.

How Many pieces does Walltastic come in?

Walltastic comes in 12 pieces.

What is the over all size of Walltastic?

Walltastic measures 8ft x 10ft or 2438mm x 3048mm Approx.

What is the size of each piece of Walltastic?

Each piece of Walltastic measure 508mm x 1219mm Approx.

How do you apply Walltastic?

Apply Walltastic using Wallpaper paste.

What sort of wallpaper paste should I use?

You can use any kind of wallpaper paste.

Can you clean Walltastic?

When cleaning Walltastic only use a damp cloth.

Is Walltastic easy to put up?

Yes. Walltastic is easy to put up as it comes in 12 pieces, each strip is guillotined and rolled similar to wallpaper so no need struggling with stupidly long rolls. The best news is that you don't have to be an expert at applying wallpaper.

Do I have to strip and prepare the wall before applying Walltastic?

No, you can put over existing wallpaper if you wish.

Is Walltastic easy to take off?

It is the same as taking off wallpaper.

What happens if my wall is bigger than 8ft x 10ft?

If the wall is bigger I would suggest centralising the Walltastic.

What happens if my wall is smaller than 8ft x 10ft?

Walltastic can be trimmed to size


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